Scripts - Programs Top

  • Beep! - <1k
    The scr exploits a bug in the Quake message mode. It makes an illegal character that cannot be seen in quake, but can be heard like a normal message. Makes a noise in Quake that EVERYONE can hear!
  • Name Faker Program - <1k
    A little program that just imitates the name of your choice. For some fun, fake console and threaten people!
  • Fake Fill - <1k
    Fills the server with fake people, doesn't always work in Gamespy, because some servers look for a user number.
  • Gamephuck - <1k
    Game phuck literally does screw up the server and other players by pausing every other second, it could even ruin your CD player!!! Use this file with caution. (note this only workins in qw 2.30 because 2.3 has a pause option)
  • No Name Patch - 2k
    This makes it where you don't have a name on QuakeWorld just a score. (name " " - duh :P)
  • Color Scroller - <1k
    Not really a cheat, but kinda cool. Every time you shot (using the mouse1 binding) your topcolor changes. hehe, can be confusing.
  • Color Scroller 2 - <1k
    A new improved version of color scroller originally by Razer, i've redone it so it works alittle smoother
  • v_idlescale exploit - <1k
    This script stops the effects of the conc gren in megatf and steadys the hwguy's firing rate.
  • Fake Lag - <1k
    Creates lag (using timefresh - simple, yes; many ppl know about it, no) anyway, comes in hand when used with the limited flight exploit (2.9 exploits)
  • Vertical Autoaim - 232k
    Well, this is jes more than "noaim 1" it makes it so when u'r sniping u jes need to get it near the top of the other guy's head, or jes below him and u'll hit him everytime (if anyone had heard of awe.rc, thats what this is)

Proxies Top

  • Kl33n3x - 36k
    This little puppy locks onto other players (friend and foe alike!) chooses the closest thing to u in yer fov, so snipers across the map in thier nest are rather low priority fer the bot. READ THE README! EVERYONE READ THE BLOODY README!
  • P-Autoa - 61k
    Thats right, the old, yet still working, p-autoa. jes bind keys to impulse 50 and impulse 55.
  • Hacked Cheapo 2.3  - 74k
    Hacked so people can't tell you're usin it and so servers can't disable its features (powerup timer, baby!). Here is their page.
  • Qizmo   - 247k
    Qizmo is a QuakeWorld proxy, it works with network packets moving between a QW client and a QW server. Qizmo is based on FAQ-Proxy 1.02 and is backward compatible. New major features: menu system, server browser/pinger, voice channels, data compression, FPS boosting, and lots of small stuff. Supported QW versions are: 2.0 - 2.33. (straight off their site)

QuakeWorld Stuff Top

Hacking MapsRead this tutorial. It's basically a pretty good turorial on how to make transparent walls. Top

  • PakExplor - 73k
    Well, it might be nice to view whats in your pak files, eh?
  • AdQuedit - 231k
    Nifty little program that allows you to change stuff in quake (texures, ents, etc...). Read the tutorial by Razor for a run down of how to use the program.
  • QuArK 4.07 - 786k
    QuArK: Quake Army Knife - make/modify maps (where it comes in handy) view/edit models, creats paks, etc. a all around good utility! (their is a new version out but this version, i think, is better for map hacking, if u want the newer version goto the Quark site)
  • Waterhack - 20k
    This patch allows you to see through water for non-glquakers. If you are a glquaker simply type in "r_wateralpha .5". (note: waterhack must be in the directory of the map that u are going to waterhack)
  • Light! - 40k
    A modified version of ArchLight, Light! allows u to brighten up even the darkest map. to use, simply type "light -light 350 map.bsp" in a dos prompt, replacing map.bsp with the map name
  • wbh By Ruiner - 17k
    All this is, is a simple program that can polyblend all liquids (if u choose to). run the program to see how to use it, it's pretty self-explanatory.

Wanna get those snipers? Use these! Top

  • Razer Pak - 661k
    The newest version of the best pak for for TF, TWCTF & DM! Made by Razer. To see pics, click here
  • TF Ultra Bright - 908k
    Heres a new hack TF Ultra Bright by KloWN
  • Black Lite - 817k
    This is the new and improved version of "The Glow" with more hacked models, scripts, and many other enhancements. By vortex and tripix.
  • The Glow 1.2 - 564k
    Newer version of glow, now everything is full bright
  • The Glow 1.0 - 574k
    The FIRST TF cheat add-on out there, and the best, THE GLOW! (homepage)
  • 3finger's Glow Pak - 102
    A pak i jes stumbled on, basic and to the point. weapon and item models glow, and when someone drops an item (i.e. backpack, quad, etc) it leaves a bright smoke trail
  • Hacked Missle Model Pak - 19k
    A few ppl have asked about it so i looked around to see if i could find it. well, i didn't so i jes made one my self!
  • New Improved Sniper Crosshair - 2k
    Replaces the dot with a more acturate cross(X)
  • DOX's TF Upgrade - 1.8mb
    Not really a cheat but this pak gives u sweet new weapon, gren, item, and engineer models and includes awesome skins. GET IT NOW! Pics of the new models and skins
  • DOX's TF Sniper Upgrade - 64k
    Again, not really a cheat, but it updates the sniper skin, give u a sweet sniper rifle and shot sound.
  • Grenade Timer Pak - 39k
    Includes some grenade timers, really helpful if u don't have one